Potential Guests - You're Invited!

Be a guest on the JumpStart TV Show

NOTE: Season #1 is now in the editing process. We are accepting inqueries for Season #2.


We are looking for successful entrepreneurs who:



Studio location for Season #2 to be announced. We will also do some video recordings "on-location" at various businesses.



YES, I'd like to be a guest



What if I'm nervous?

The beauty of this show is that it's just a friendly conversation. If you trip over your words, stutter, can't think of an answer, say "ummm", make a funny face, or whatever else you may be imagining you might do.....don't sweat it! That's the beauty of video-- we can edit out most things and you'll look like a pro!

Is the show recorded LIVE?

No way! We have the blessing of editing clips together, editing out any flubs, etc. There is NO STRESS for guests to feel like they have to be perfect. Nobody's perfect. Think of the recording as just a friendly conversation over coffee-- it's really that simple.

What should I wear?

For video recordings, it’s very important to not wear stripes, ribbed/corduroy textures, or small patterned clothing.  Solid colors are best, avoiding the color red.

Do I have to wear makeup?

If you wear makeup, you may want to apply your eye makeup, blush, and lipstick a little darker/heavier than normal, like if you were going to be in a wedding photo. We will provide translucent powder for any shiny spots on both men and women.

Is there a cost?

There is absolutely no cost to participate as a guest on The JumpStart TV Show. Some of our guests will choose to sponsor the show, but this is optional. Learn more about the Sponsor Opportunities here.

What will we talk about?

We will provide you with a list of general questions that you can review before your show taping. If any questions don't apply or you'd prefer not to answer— we just skip them. Easy-peasy.


During studio recordings we can’t promote or endorse your business in any way. Our questions will concern topics that can help other entrepreneurs, and will not be specific to your personal products, services, and company.

We are able to expand our interview topics for other audio and video recordings that may be part of The JumpStart Project, but not part of the Public Access TV shows.

We encourage and invite any NH entrepreneurs who meet the specified criteria to apply for possible inclusion in The JumpStart Project.  We are looking  for a variety of business types from different locations all over the state. Opportunities to participate may expand as momentum for the project builds and/or if the show is extended for other seasons.

Questions or want to recommend a business?